Manhattan Repertory Theatre’s New Works of 2018 Series

“Actor/playwright Straton Rushing’s affecting one-act play Hal and His Atomic Ray Gun, directed by actor/director Cammerron Baits, was a clear standout in a night of five one-act plays at Manhattan Repertory Theatre’s New Works of 2018 Series on March 10, 2018. At just under half an hour, the comedic psychodrama packs an emotional wallop into its brief running time. 

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A compassionate but no-nonsense store owner, Joanne (Alex Taylor) allows Hal to camp in front of her shop as long as he doesn’t disrupt her business.  Joanne is quite kind to her rambling “tenant”, tolerating his outer space anecdotes and concurrent conspiracy theories while gently attempting to bring him– pardon the expression– “back down to earth” as much as she can. “

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“…As Joanne, Alex Taylor is engaging as the play’s altruistic exemplar of reason and reality. “

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Alex Taylor